The 70’s batting…



Meet Mr.NER..a jovial, starry eyed, elegantly graying, dignifiedly wrinkled, enthusiastic septagenarian!!

I have known him for four years and odd now, and he is definitely the redefined, new age elderly! His curiosity in everything intrigues me.

By profession he is a man with magic hands on machines, but his real talent is in the field of those furry, adorable creatures we so lovingly call “dogs”!!

Today we celebrated his 73rd birthday. And he remembers as if it were yesterday..

that flower power, dropping out, pirate radio, hot sex, progressive rock, hip fashion, free love..!! Yes.. been there and done that!

He also remembers as if yesterday..

that flower arranging, drooping out, saga radio, hot water bottles, progressive memory loss, and free bus passes!!

Well, well, well..time indeed flies !

Its a a fascinating journey..his life is full of mystery and drama and comedy and of course thrill!! He is sharing his life in an autobiography he is currently writing and i am looking forward to it!! Will surely share some exerpts from it!!

To simplify, Life is the best thing that happens to everybody and its best to live it up!!!!!!