This is my very first post. Also my first ever blog!!!

I have always enjoyed writing but honestly, i never thought of writing as my hobby until recently. What changed is to do with Life!!

Last month witnessed one important event in my life history and that is that i turned 30!!! Considering the average Indian life span of 60 years, I am nearly half way through and i discovered i needed to actually pen down (or rather type) these thoughts that run through you maturing brain!! So, here I am, one rainy evening looking out of the balcony with my dog(my life) and this journey begins.

The meaning of the title is, of course, our favorite beverage( which i enjoy most evenings with my mother) , but its true inspiration is from its Hebrew meaning. It means life in Hebrew, and I wish to connect with all of you out there about ‘ it stands!!!’

I hope you enjoy my blogs and we rediscover life!!!!!life


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